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It was obtained by one of the most distinguished anthropologists of his generation, Dr. According to Haddon's notes, the sample was obtained at Golden Ridge, near Kalgoorli in Western Australia, and the donor is described as a young man. The genome has been compared to a book with three billion letters.We have worked together on this with the Goldfields Land and Sea Council, which represents the Aboriginal traditional owners of the Goldfields region, including the cultural -- and, possibly, the biological -- descendants of the individual who gave the original sample. By sequencing the genome of the Australian Aboriginal individual, we managed to find all the letters in the book.

Technically, it's easier now than ever to sequence genomes. You then feed the chopped-up DNA into a machine that will tell you the identity of all the chunks.

They were also the first to live in Australia, according to DNA results of a 90-year-old hair sample of a young man that link Aborigines to the first inhabitants of this part of the world about 50,000 years ago.

This study, however, is not the first to contradict the popular theory that modern humans came from a single out-of-Africa migration wave into Europe, Asia, and Australia.

(Thosh Collins) Lisa Charleyboy is a storyteller and a social media entrepreneur.

She's been named by Huffington Post as one of three Aboriginal Millennials to watch, and has been selected as a Diverse City Fellow for 2013-2014.

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