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Today, during the press conference following the game, Hassabis and Deep Mind announced they will publicly release 50 games Alpha Go played against itself inside the vast data centers that underpin Google's online empire."Some of the great games in history may be played on these servers," Hassabis says.Last March in Seoul, South Korea, Alpha Go became the first machine to beat a top player at the ancient game of Go when it defeated Korean grandmaster Lee Sedol—a feat that most researchers didn't consider possible just a few years before.In the year since, Hassabis and his team significantly improved the machine.Quite literally, Alpha Go learns to master the mysteries of Go by playing game after game against itself.Though it typically does this under strict time limits—seconds or milliseconds for each move—Deep Mind has released games that played out over several hours, much like professional matches.It’s great Arnold is finally going to find out what happened his parents and Helga gets to be Helga again, but I want address the messy elephant in the room that is the depiction of the fictional Indigenous group, the Green-Eyed people, in the special two-part episode .

The lore created around the Green-Eyed continued to perpetuate negative stereotypes about Indigenous people in a medium that historically never represented them as complex and well-written human beings.After the match in China, Deep Mind is disbanding the team that worked on the game, freeing top researchers like Silver and Thore Graepel to spend their time working on the rest of AI's future. The structure of the series was mainly episodic and focused on a range of unique and eccentric characters living in a predominantly lower-middle class neighborhood in the fictional city of Hillwood.They believe they have so much more to learn from the machine they once viewed with so much skepticism and fear.The evolution of Alpha Go is just one demonstration of the way artificial intelligence can not only replace human skills but advance them.

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