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You don't have to be sitting with her for 30 minutes, but at least you would be able to see what she is watching if you were in the room, you would have a chance to see it, and discuss.

The message for her would be, '' Yes, you get your 30 minutes on the computer, but I need to have some awareness of what you are doing for your safety, my piece of mind.'' It's not just You Tube videos you need to think about, but who she's instant messaging with, talking to on Facebook, etc.

It works like a charm, the wireless started up again fine in the morning when the device gave it power again.

I worried that my kids might try to tamper with it, but they never did.

June 2012 My daughter's media diet is limited to 30 minutes of computer time per day (not including homework) after she finishes all homework and chores. The kids who had the strictest parental controls for their kids' video/movie fare, are the most far-out, messed-up kids among my daughters' friends.

When she was younger she used the time to play Poptropica. When our daughters were small (9 and 12), we were in Paris and went to an English-language movie.

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What's the right approach to media management at this age? It was a movie, the kids (our kids) were fine, and that changed my view about movie rules.

I'd be more worried about the plethora of youtube and especially movies featuring unmitigated violence, with crowds cheering as the 'good guys' mow down the 'bad guys' in a battle of fists or a hail of bullets. -- liberal on youtube and movie rules I think you should definitely try to keep some idea of what she is watching, and discuss it with her, just like you would presumably talk about media from other sources like movies, TV, books and so on.

social medialite June 2011 We've discovered that our 14 year old son is using the internet after we go to bed - mostly to facebook chat with girls.

Is there a program/tool that just can just stop internet access after a certain time, e.g. (as opposed to stopping access to the computer altogether , in case there is legitimate non-internet homework to be done, )? We're technically challenged and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed about how to figure all of this out.

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