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'Throw your arms around me' an ode to all who have loved for just one night only, and possibly still think about that one particular person many years after!Four Seasons In One Day by Crowded House sends shivers up my spine every time I hear it.When I go back now, I see the same place yet everyone has changed, the people I used to know are no longer around I miss the times we shared but now must move on For those days are gone ORIGINAL SIN - "The Swing" was my first ever cassette tape and this song was on it.It reminds me of my introduction to pop music as a carefree happy 12 year old.

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I hadn't heard of the band before then, and the song was so fun to sing and listen to. Sitting on the beach around a Bon-fire with my bottle of Passion Pop and this song blasting from my ghetto blaster. Makes us all ponder the tyranny of war and its effect on our soldiers.Crowded House Better Be Home Soon is one of those songs that everyone knows and can't help but sing along to. My husband and I were dating in the 80s and partying to Crowded House so it holds fond memories. Don't dream it's over, this has a special memory for me as I saw Crowed House in concert at a pub in Hurstville NSW just before they made it big time.Witnessing them perform and especially singing this song, I remember this band is going to be big and I'm seeing it just before it happens.For weeks later, my class would answer most questions, even from the teacher, with "Shove it, brother, just keep walking.""Good times" sung by Inxs & Jimmy Barnes is my fav song.The song and video clip is a classic Michael Hutchinson is one of the most tragic losses in the music industry not only in Australia but the world.

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