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These jobs might include chat room workers, answering messages on adult sms fantasy lines or even adult webcam models.You can earn a good income working from the comfort of your home and ar hours to suit enjoy the freedom and independence that adult chat / text / cam jobs can give you. ***************** If you have not a girlfriend you are missing something in your life. :-) ***************** Today's Relationships: You can touch EACH other, .

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Part time and full time - This job is on a self-employed basis, you will be responsible for your own tax affairs. All text messages must be answered via our admin control panel on a PC or Laptop - not a mobile phone device or i Pad/Tablet. ***************** "Attitude of Girls" WHen a boy sends dirty sms SHE laughs 4R 10 minutes, forward THAT to her friends n then replies the boy. Aur Doosra: Wo kisi larki ko ajnabi nahin smajhtay....! ***************** Boy in restaurant sees a girl sitting. Girl: RAKSHAY or LARKAY 1 jaizay hotay hain, 1 ko bulao 5 chalay atay han ***************** Usually boys believe in what they see and girls believe in what they hear, that is why .... ***************** Most common chat on facebook: Boy: hey (after few second boy thinks kamini reply to degi hi nahi) Girl: hey hi (aa gaya kamina) Boy: hows u? Pehla: Wo kisi ajnabi larki ko lift nahi karwaty.... ***************** Newton 2nd law of ishq: A boy in love with a girl continue to be in love with her & girl in love with a boy continue to be in love with him, until or unless any external agent (brother or father of the girl) come into the play & break the legs of the boy. Girls have fun by loving boys then boys cry for life time Funny but its a fact ***************** Boy: BUS or LARKEE 1 jaisy hote hain, 1 jati hai to dusri aa jati hy. ***************** Every girl deserves a guy Who makes her forget her heart was ever broken And every guy deserves a girl who appreciates his efforts. Boy: Lo Kar Lo Baat, Friendship Hui Nahi Farmaishan Shuru! ***************** Lovers sitting in a park, boy tries to kiss the girl.. Boy: Don't worry darling "I am already MARRIED" ***************** Why do girls look beautiful?

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