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We're selling Clover Station to thousands of merchants a month, enabling developers to reach these merchants through the Clover App Market.3-D Secure, known commonly as Verified by Visa and Master Card Secure Code has been largely ignored in the U. This is a crude analogy, but 3-D Secure is the e-commerce analog to EMV (which authenticates a cardholder via cryptograms coming from the card).E-commerce developers should be quite familiar with the concept of credit card vaults, which take in the PAN and give you back a token to use in its stead.These vaults are typically provided by e-commerce payment gateways, such as Braintree or Stripe, and let you put credit cards on file for your users. The defining characteristic of these tokens is that they're scoped to a single merchant.This is the typical way that a developer would provision a token: After thinking about it a second, you might realize "why do I need my user to create an account with an email address and password at all?" A primary driver (though not only) was to have an account to associate the gateway-side token with.

aff=blog Background: Clover and First Data (our parent company) have been working with Apple to prepare for the launch of Apple Pay to support developers, merchant acquirers, and issuing banks (see First Data's press release).

There's so much friction in the system that the typical way is to become the merchant-of-record, which is a position you accept begrudingly. Commerce apps won't be forced to become aggregators any longer -- they simply need to use the i OS payment SDKs, and the SDK from the merchant acquirer, to process the payment.

Clover is making this even easier -- all Clover merchants will be enabled for In-App payments, which will give developers instant access to many thousands of merchants through our APIs (for submitting and reading orders, reading and updating menus and retail inventory, receipt printing, etc.).

Through apprenticeships the next generation can learn from LTi Metaltech’s current experienced employees, such as Gary who says in his featured article: ‘I also get a buzz passing on my skills to our new apprentices’, not simply from his own work.

LTi Metaltech want to encourage more young people to follow Gary’s example and use an apprenticeship as a way of entering into skilled jobs in engineering and manufacture.

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