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How do they feel when they eventually snap out of it? my husband says he loves me but he doesn't know why he keeps pushing me away. Is that normal MY HUSBAND SAYS HE STILL LOVES ME BUT NOT LIKE HE USE TO Noel's response Often when people have been married for a number of years they begin to … i'm 20 years old and is it normal for my 32 year old boyfriend to be watching teen porn when he has his 14 year old daughter living with him ?? Is there any hope that my husband might return to me? When we met we immediately had a close relationship and he told me he was in love with me before the …

Mid life crisis in males who have been good husbands but totally changed My husband of thirty six years came home one day, packed a few things and left me. Dealing with the hell of my husbands midlife crisis My husband and I have been together for 19 years. My husband and I have a good, and open relationship. I'm 46 year old male, 25 years married, and have fallen in love with a 21 year old male Since I can remember, i have always had an attraction to the same sex, I just denyed it, however it never went away. "Ex" remarries (younger woman) and then CHOOSES to have twins!

I'm 30 year old female and my 48 year old bf broke up with me. I feel that my boyfriend now ex, "always wants to be right... We have had a difficult time the past couple of years due to finances … My husband and I have not had sex in the last 21/2 years? why do men in their late 40s want to date but not commit? He thinks he's too old to have a baby, but I'm pregnant Im 28, and my boyfriend is 47.

then last july he tells me he doesnt love me but still cares for me he has not been … I am struggling with trying NOT to contact the other woman involved in my husband's crisis. I was involved with a 50 year old man that was married for 24 years and left his wife and has now went back. Hello, My husband and I are about to celebrate our 14 year anniversary on January 1st. They all want to date, have fun but are not ready to commit even after …

he says he wants time away from me, does not want to kiss me all of the time..he is away he seldom calls and checks on me....bought a harley motorcycle, … Do men tend to leave their wives when they don't touch each other or kiss?

Why does he go from sweet and attentive to mood and distant? Do men leave their wives when they live separately 20-30% of the time don't touch or kiss?

Please include as much detailed information as you can about the situation to help me better answer to your questions.

Depression , Midlife Crisis or a marriage that's just gone bad Married to this guy for 31 years .

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