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Calm down quickly: This exercise works for kids and adults: Inhale slowly for four counts, hold your breath for four counts, exhale slowly for four counts. A little competition got teachers and administrators at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School fired up.In addition to sharing heart-boosting tips and recipes in the teachers' lounge, staff members sported pedometers for a two-month health challenge.They represent Satan/Lucifer in all areas of our "controlled" by them lives.They Represent Satan and the "New Age Carnal, Sensual, and Devilish Spirituality" that the inhabitants of this land are more then ever embracing and expressing."If you have the chance to grab something unhealthy, you probably will." minutes to move, whether that's walking outside or hitting the playground.

Jesus preached the same Gospel as found in the Bible.They tried to outwalk one another and see who could drop the most weight.The school secretary, Blanca Escobedo, took first prize with a weight loss of 40 pounds.Alanna Kolonics, the physical education teacher at Wells Middle School in Riverside, CA, knows the biggest fitness roadblock is often just finding the motivation to get going.So she started a running group at Wells that focuses on encouraging small steps to success. "I remind them that showing up is the hard part," she says.

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