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In digging the foundations an ox's head was found, indicating a city that would be wealthy but subject to others.Accordingly, another area of the hill was dug instead where a horse's head was found, indicating that the city would be powerful in war.(Cross's translation, with a longer discussion of the Nora stone, is found in the Pygmalion article).He wrote the version of Chatroulette in two days and two nights.The name of the website has been inspired by the popular Russian roulette.

" and he says, "I don't really have any." That's difficult for me to believe.

Juggling jobs, classes, and social life leaves little room for serendipity.

Their children also hit the ground running on the social mobility ladder.

All is browser based and works on almost any platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).

When both participants connect it automatically tries to establish a RTMFP connection and stream video peer to peer.

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