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Sounds like my relationship with my DH- he's about American as you can imagine despite being born in Asia. If you married wisely and work to get over any differences, you probably have nothing to worry about. As an Asian woman, perhaps it;s my feminist responsibility to defend my kind from any accusations that we suck. I am doing a follow-up to this article soon to address a few more issues regarding Asian Man, White Male, Asian Female, White female relations very soon. Matter of fact seeing asian couples seemed to be rare. Especially where I live I see alot of couples made up of Caucasian men and Asian women. I don't see many Caucasian men dating Hispanic women. “Asian women suck.” The person who said this to me was referring to Asian women dating white men. Then I realize, outside of let;s say China Town most asian women seemed to be with white guys.Then I would check out dating services online and many perfered white .

For White women, these ideas raise their minimum standards - Asian men are lower on social ladder, thus not to be considered for dating . I'm wondering about the entire biracial experience for my future child (and if it's a girl, what will my in laws truly think?! I'm a white woman married to an Asian man (not Asian-American, he didn't plan to live here until we met and married and that obviously changed things). But if you're reading this, I'm hoping you're willing to share your experiences and advice. We don't talk a lot though I see them often - they are just quiet compared to my parents! My experience might be unique because both my inlaws and SIL have many non Asian friends and there are many interracial marriages in the family (cousins etc.) Our kids are gorgeous (of course I'm biased!! And someone whose family has been in this country for 3 generations will be very different from a family FOB. He doesn't have that many Asian friends so maybe that's why. They love our girls and have not pushed for a boy whatsoever.

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    I have heard some prettybad stories from girl FRIENDS of mine on this system. If a woman has a bad date or she "dated" some guy that turned out to be creepy then why hide and just talk behind their backs?