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it's fully apparent more than ever that the CW show based on Archie Comics isn't just for teens.

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So I decided right then and there not to waste my life despairing. Just as learning any new skill requires effort, you have to be willing to invest serious effort to achieve real happiness. Being happy is part of being considerate to people around us. " (She'll comply because she wants her turn to complain...) "Okay, it was sweet. Spend one hour writing down everything for which you are grateful. The power of this exercise is clear: You must be conscious of all your existing blessings, in order to appreciate a new blessing that comes your way. My wife left me, my kids won't talk to me, I lost my job and my pet turtle died. No colors, no sights of children playing, no fields of flowers, no sunset. " "I'll stay for a week." "But what happened to all the troubles? In fact, many people might actually prefer to be comfortable and unhappy, rather than endure the discomfort of changing their habits. Like an open pit in the middle of the road, a sour puss is a public menace. " "I didn't have any more." "Did you wash your face? The One-Hour Blessing-Fest The next exercise is more sophisticated. The next 15 minutes get even tougher, but you can pull through if you include your eyebrows and socks... Once the list is compiled, add one new blessing each day. Or you can have relatively little and feel unbounded joy. For instance, the next time you visit your aunt (the one who loves to complain), tell her very respectfully: "Auntie, I came here to suffer with you today. Which is more valuable: Comparing each pleasure forces you to qualify the subtle aspects of each pleasure. You can have everything in the world and still be miserable. Misconception #2: "If I become content and satisfied with what I have, I'll lose my motivation to achieve more." Happiness doesn't drain your energy. The Daily Pleasure Count To begin appreciating life, pinpoint some things you are extremely grateful for and count them every morning for one month – e.g. Set a time each day to contemplate these pleasures. This exercise can change the mood of even the most miserable amongst us. Prioritize Your Blessings To really hone your skills and become an "appreciation expert," prioritize your list.

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