Bret michaels still dating taya rock love

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That's your only card, and if you play it too soon you're screwed (both literally, which might be a good thing, and figuratively, which isn't).

I'm not surprised to say that Rock of Love Bus disappoints me, but I am surprised to say that it's because of a weird, moralistic attitude towards female sexuality.

I never thought I'd say this, but I think I'd prefer vagina shots.

My brother and I watched the finale together, and we were talking about how with the way the show is set up, it's almost as if 'spend the night with Bret!

The message isn't to be coy and play games, the message is to have some self respect, make sure you're getting something before you reciprocate, value who you are and what you offer and be secure enough to wait to see how you feel about him rather than flinging yourself at someone you don't even know.

He spends months telling women to act on their sexual desires and try to win his affections by being sexy (and by having sex with him), and then at the very end he decides to go for the woman who wouldn't give it up.What is surprising, to me at least, is that the show's finale managed to both promote and condemn female sexuality AT THE SAME TIME. Suffice it to say, the show casts Bret Michaels as an object of rock 'n' roll desire, and Taya and Mindy were the final two women competing to be his "Rock of Love" (commence eye-rolling… In order to get to know the women as best he could before making his final choice, Bret took each one of them out one last solo dinner date.Mindy, the midwestern sweetheart who Bret feared was prone to mood swings (another stereotype for your bingo card), chose to spend the night in Bret's room at the end of the date and they presumably had sex. However, the show framed Mindy as a total slut for giving it up to Bret, and in the end he chose the virtuous Taya to be the bandana to his hair extensions instead of Mindy.It doesn't matter if WE want to have sex (since according to these types of media representations, we never do), we have to make a guy wait for it if we want him to stick around afterward.As soon as you give up your one valuable asset (your vagina), that's it.

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