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The Cleveland’s lubrication system preparation is something to consider during block prep.The 289/302/351W oiling system has three main oil galleys, whereas the 351C has two.The “M” designation was conceived to differentiate the 351C from the raised-deck 351M, which replaced the 351C in 1975. However, D0AE-L doesn’t always mean a twobolt main block.I’ve seen D0AE-L blocks with four-bolt maincaps out of Boss 351 Mustangs.Any Cleveland two-bolt main block can be converted to a fourbolt main if you have the stock iron or aftermarket steel billet caps.SHARE THIS ARTICLE: Please feel free to share this post on Facebook / Twitter / Google or any automotive Forums or blogs you read.Great news for those of you who are single in Cleveland!The completely free dating site in Cleveland can help you meet REAL, LOCAL singles 100% free!

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Foundry identification comes from this “CF” logo, which stands for Cleveland Foundry.

Thing is, not all D2AE-CA blocks have four-bolt main caps.

Never believe what you see until the pan is pulled and the caps are inspected.

Where Cleveland blocks and terminology get confusing is 351C versus 400 and 351M.

Though the 400 is called the “400M” by a lot of people, it has never been called this by Ford Motor Company.

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