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£4.60/ 72 tablets, liquid antihistamine that can be taken in a single daily dose. This battery-operated gadget takes five seconds to clear a blocked nose by gently sucking out the mucous.It has three easy to sterilise tips and comes with a storage pouch.

The manufacturer claims that magnets are a powerful healing force and by placing the stainless steel wand with magnetic ball into a glass of water or any cold drink the ionising of the liquid can be healing, reducing the sufferer's reaction to pollen.'Most sufferers use over-the-counter remedies,' says Dr Kassianos.' There are many weird and wonderful products but I recommend a non - drowsy antihistamine, nose spray and eye drops.' So, which one is right for you? Hailed as a breakthrough in hay fever treatment three years ago, this prescription-only pill contains an allergen extract of grass pollen.Only use as directed on the box, as over-use can exacerbate the problem, leaving the nose tissue permanently swollen. These drops contain entomophile pollen, the type gathered by bees, which acts as an antidote to the anemophile pollen, the kind to which some sensitive people have a reaction.By fighting one pollen with another it is claimed that a hay fever sufferer's immune system can be desensitised.

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