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The Institutes maturity combined with the teams youthful spirit continuously gives us the motivation to set ourselves ever higher goals.

It is my determination that in the coming years we will firmly establish ourselves as a supporting factor for the Bulgarian Diplomatic Service and for Bulgarian Foreign Policy in enhancing the prestige of Bulgaria both at home and abroad.

In order to mark the Tenth anniversary in 2013 of the Diplomatic Institute, in our new series "Winners in essay contests" we will publish the essays of the winners in all 17 essay contests organized by the DI since its establishment to present day.

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To respond to the need of high-quality training, we focus on interactive and practical sessions and have as trainers Bulgarian and foreign diplomats, university professors and other highly qualified experts, providing the benefit of a broad range of opinions and approaches.

To enhance our public outreach, we aims at strong media and digital presence, and maintain our own radio broadcast, a webpage in Bulgarian, English and French, Facebook and Twitter account.

The Institutes national and international partnerships with government, research, NGO and academic institutions is visible in the implementation of joint projects and exchange in the field of training, research and public activities and EU policies.

During the meetings the functions and activities of the Institute are presented, along with the essence of the diplomatic profession, the opportunities for career development within the MFA structure, etc.

and current topics and practical issues in the field of international relations are discussed, within the context of the experience and practice of the Institute.

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