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Amanda and Devon’s scores were both in the low 600s.They went on their first date in July 2014 and married nine months later.That’s how Philadelphia couple Amanda and Devon Buchanan met in 2014.After both were burned by former flames with bad financial histories, they signed up for Credit Score, which matches users based on their credit history.When your credit score is high it says to a potential partner that you’re secure in your finances and you don’t take high risks in terms of money.

Some money-conscious singles are taking fate into their own hands by joining dating sites that specifically cater to their needs.

Feeling secure and confident in your finances can translate in to every part of your life.

Whether it is finding a future partner or for your over all personal well being.

Had she questioned him, she may have learned sooner how his unpaid student loan debt had damaged his credit.

A good credit score can help you get the best rates when you want to borrow money but can also affect other things like applying to rent an apartment, landing your first job out of school and even who you date. Now more than ever people are listing a high credit score as one of their criteria for a partner. Making money is one thing but choosing to use your money wisely is another.

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