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The District of Quebec was the appropriate venue, because that is where the damages to the plaintiffs' commercial reputation would have occurred. 32-42; presently under reserve in the Supreme Court of Canada: [2010] S. The Quebec Court (Civil Division – Small Claims), District of Montreal, dismissed an application by the defendant to transfer these defamation proceedings to the District of Joliette.The Prince Edward Island Supreme Court dismissed an application by the defendants to strike out a defamation claim relating to an internal RCMP email sent in April , 2011 from the plaintiff's former RCMP supervisor to other RCMP staff concerning her admission to the secure area of the Spruce Grove, Alberta detachment. The plaintiff’s lawsuit concerned allegations published in a magazine distributed in Montreal and on an Internet website which was not alleged to be located in Montreal The Quebec Code of Civil Procedure permitted the plaintiff to bring the action in his jurisdiction of residence if a libel in the press was involved.

A link will in most cases lead to a free, publicly-accessible website.

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These days, enterprises have to track new metrics such as engagement, revenue per user, and the overall customer journey, which involve blending a complex web of data streams into a comprehensive marketing and sales funnel.

On this basis, including the fact that Sciquest had a business presence, customers and a reputation in Ontario, the test for jurisdiction of the Ontario court had been satisfied. The Court of Appeal noted that Black’s claims were limited to damages to his reputation in Ontario.

The Court also rejected defence arguments that the plaintiff's lawsuit in Ontario constituted " The Quebec Superior Court, District of Quebec, dismissed an application by the defence for a change of venue in a defamation action which related in part to an email sent by the defendant to a customer of the plaintiffs in Quebec (City) and the publication of a legal notice. Even if an Ontario libel judgment favouring Black might be unenforceable in the United States, it would still have significant value to Black as a vindication of his Ontario reputation.

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