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But tonight I was getting home later than normal, because I went to the mall with my pals Cherrie and Dominic, so I guess he just dove into his work early.

Normally I'd probably just strip and get to fucking him on the spot, but I had to be good and let him do his work.But I still hadn't found the limit for his lust for me (bless his heart). I'll order in a pizza for us, if you want, or did you eat already?Putting my shopping bag and purse on the kitchen counter, I went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of Deer Park (best damn water on earth) then stepped to his side to look over his shoulder. "Looks pretty complicated, Daddy, I'd offer to help, but I doubt I could." He swung his head around his shoulder and gave me a toothy grin. " "I'm not really hungry," I shrugged, opening the water and taking a swig.He usually brings work home from the office, so that he and I can have dinner together and, you know, spend our quality time together and stuff.Now usually he doesn't get to his work until well after dinner, because he and I usually can't stop from getting it on at least once before or during dinner.

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