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According to Karim, elements from within the PUK came to an agreement with the Iraqi government during a memorial service for former PUK chief and president of Iraq, Jalal Talabani, who died in early October.

The agreement – which stipulated that PUK-aligned Kurdish Peshmerga fighters would not resist Baghdad's forces – was sponsored by Iran, which has long enjoyed warm ties with the Talabani family and even supported them during the 1994-97 Kurdish Civil War.

AAH, led by controversial cleric Qais al-Khaz'ali, has now formalised that arrangement and made it clear it will be nominating candidates for political office, seemingly ignoring Abadi and his government entirely.

Abadi has also stated repeatedly that he has not authorised the PMF or its constituent militias to fight abroad, including in Syria.

Neighbouring Iran suffered hundreds more deaths, with the effects felt as far away as the UAE.

Many houses in rural Kurdistan are made of mud brick, leaving them susceptible to powerful quakes.

As a result, senior PUK officials such as former vice president Kosrat Rasul Ali and Najmaldin Karim have vociferously slammed some of the Talabani family, accusing them of betrayal.

This could lead to a further split within the PUK, which has already produced the offshoot, the Gorran Movement.

Aside from a deadly earthquake that led to a tragic loss of life and property in both Iraq and Iran on Sunday, several other events have been threatening to send tremors throughout Iraqi politics and society.

Shia militias are making their presence felt more than ever, while Kurdish leaders continue to accuse each other of treachery over last month's debacle that saw them lose oil-rich Kirkuk in a day.

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