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" One month after Mexican journalist Javier Valdez was assassinated outside his workplace, we asked seven journalists to reflect on his murder and the impact of violence and impunity on their work.Contributors include Melissa del Bosque, Donna De Cesare, Javier Garza, Michel Marizco, Maria Teresa Ronderos, Christopher Sherman and ​Marcela Turati.

Sizing: Fits a little on the small size - we suggest sizing down half a size from your regular shirt size. Size chart (in inches) | Please note plus or minus .5" is within tolerance.This could be anything from helping injured animals or putting GPS collars on wildlife for tracking purposes.In Zimbabwe, for example, painted dogs often get caught in wire bushmeat snares which can dig into their skin causing lethal wounds; when Painted Dog Conservation discovers a dog with a snare wrapped around its neck they will dart the animal so they can safely remove it, clean the wound, and make sure the dog receives antibiotics. Naked & Famous's kimono waves pattern has a raised texture to it originally used in kimonos.Composition: 100% cotton; Japanese fabric; Assembled and sewn in the oldest existing shirt factory in North America.

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