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take care and with very warm regards Annette and Carl Thank you for the great experience!

Carl and Annette are very kind and friendly hosts; we are glad to have met them, we really enjoyed the conversations we had over the delicious dinners they invited us to.

Because it was the end of the busy chilliseason, there was not so much pressure on the work that was left to do, so there was a peaceful and relaxed aura around the farm.

Annette and Carl are both very open and kind towards everything and the whole family has a great connection with their natural surroundings, which was really inspiring. The jobs were actually real fun to do and there was variation in the different things we did, from simple and not so intensive to a bit more physically challenging, which was great.

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Lagos is spectacular, I can recommend the kayaking tours (30-35 EUR/person) to anybody, the grottos are really amazing.Annette, Carl, Emilia thank you again for your generosity, I wish you all the luck in your respective projects. The work you did (in this extrem heat) was great and is still very visible.For your fantastic help we would like to say thank you again and you are always welcome.Although the public transport was rather scarce when we were there (due to the school break), the local people are very friendly and pick up hitchhikers. Robert & Kata Keshia is a very open, friendly and powerfull young woman.It was great to have here in our house and garden :-) For here first workaway experience on our land she worked very good and concentrated and lernt very quick.

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