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Government-wide programs designed to deliver these tools and services must evolve, as must the operational culture by which agencies collect and analyze logs and interact with the security research community.

Information technology policy, resource allocations, acquisition processes, and operational guidance must enable the achievement of security objectives while also allowing agencies to take advantage of newer approaches to technology, such as commercial cloud-based services and mobile devices.

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Another negative consequence of overreliance on network-based protections is the emergence of operational capability gaps at other levels, such as the data and application levels.

As agencies prioritize their modernization efforts, they should implement the capabilities that underpin this model to their high value assets first.

Agencies will gain greater visibility and resilience against more sophisticated attacks, including insider threats that may have access to agency-owned networks by enhancing protections closer to the data.

This is manifested most visibly through the Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) and National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS) programs.

This report recommends emphasizing a layered defensive strategy in Government-wide programs, through increasing emphasis on application and data-level protections.

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