Dating a girl 3 years younger than you

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The Oralift was then developed to give the same effect to people with all their own teeth. The worst thing is that you do look pretty stupid with it in.

For the Oralift to work, you have to concentrate on not allowing your upper back teeth to touch the appliance, which is more difficult than you might think, and you have to keep your lips closed.

Sound a bit too much like a snake oil salesman for your liking?

In other words, the depth of our face from nose to chin is reduced as we age.

'What you see when you actually look at what people do, you see the realism set in.

At the age of 46, I've done a lot to try to turn back the clock on my looks.

I've been Botoxed, filled and lasered, had my skin peeled and had painful light treatments. For a start, I'm sitting in the dentist's chair - not a spot I normally associate with anti-ageing treatments.

And secondly, I'm being fitted for a decidedly unglamorous small plastic mouthguard.

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