Dating a medical student funny

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She works so hard at what she does, so she'll work hard on your relationship.

Most med students are generally perfectionists, so as hard as they're working on changing the world and helping other people, they're going to work just as hard at being the best girlfriend they can possibly be.

There will be ups and downs, late night study sessions, and flashcards for days, and literal human bones, but you'll learn to love it.

Here's a list of some of the things you need to know about dating someone in med school. You're very likely to become quiz-master when exam time comes around.

Dating a doctor-to-be is a challenge and an adventure.This also means she to sleep, and often at weird hours.If she has Saturday off after working a 24-hour day Friday, yeah, she's not going to wake up and go to brunch Saturday because she will be in bed all day.11. This will push you to work your hardest and to be your best, which is second nature for her. You are the significant other of a rare and elusive species known as the Medicalstudentica americanus.Now, because we know that dating a medical student isn’t easy, here are some relationship suggestions from a medical student: Relationships are never easy, and being in one with a medical student can be very difficult.

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