Dating a muscleman

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Arnold Schwarzennegger's arms were so big he could break a Hotel Chain A female Bodybuilder once injected steroids into her pussy, now she's a muscly c*nt.

What's the point of life if you don't challenge yourself.

Reflecting on his win now he’s back home on South Tyneside, he said: “When I think about it now I still can’t believe it.

You look forward to that one day all year and then it passes really quickly.“I’ve had a great response from people, I’m still getting messages now from people asking for tips.”He added: “I’ve worked really hard this year. I don’t put the effort in that I do, sacrifice a whole year of holidays and seeing friends, to come second or just compete.”Tyler, who’s been bodybuilding for the past four years, will have a rest from competing in 2018, before aiming to bring home European and international under 23 championship titles in 2019.

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