Dating a preppy girl

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Ohio has gorgeous running trails, beautiful bike paths and some massive gyms. Extra brownie points if you can take that chaos off our plates.

We take our friendships seriously in Ohio and value our friends’ opinions above all else. While we may poke fun at our hometown, we love it deep down, and those out-of-towner insults do actually get to us.

No matter what, the scrunchie is back in style with a vengence, so why not wear it out like you own the trend?

Buy it at American Apparel for Preppy clothes really love clean lines and silohuttes, so go with a cool pair of fitted, pleated trousers.

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Buy it at American Apparel for When you think of scrunchies your first thought is probably either the movie Heathers or your childhood.You aren’t restricted to dull sweater vests and crisp, white socks, okay?If you want to try a preppy look on a date or for a night out with your friends, all you need to do is let your inner Cher Horowitz free and follow this guide for some inspiration.Connecticuters call it “The Connecticuddle.” Seriously, you’re in for the coziest, cuddliest autumn of your life when you date a someone from The Nutmeg State.We’re not saying that you date a Connecticuter for their/their friends’/their family’s beach or lake house. Connecticut has some of the best public schools in the country and several top-rated universities, such a Yale University, Connecticut College, and University of Connecticut.

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