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So if you do choose this gift, be sure to make it personal by getting one that is related to her interests to show that you at least put some thought into it. And, it would probably be a good idea to combine it with a small non-gift card gift, so she knows some effort was exerted. The couple held hands as they arrived at the premiere for Baby Driver in Los Angeles.She completed the look with ankle-strap heels and a leather clutch.Lastly, be careful when buying lingerie as a gift for your girlfriend.In most cases, she'll likely see this as a gift that you'll appreciate more than she will!Ask her friends and family for suggestions and be willing to do a little research. In a pinch, a gift card to her favorite shopping spot might suffice.If you consider giving a gift card, just be aware that this could be viewed as "taking the easy-way-out". Buying her something she's already pointed out to you is most likely your absolute #1 BEST BET.

Most women have a sixth sense about these things, and know when a gift has been hastily chosen just to get the gift-buying over with.Once you've got the basic "don'ts" down, the key to giving a successful girlfriend gift is to start brainstorming early.Waiting until the last minute will be the kiss of death -- literally.There's just too many variables -- styles, colors, body shapes, etc...If you pick something that's too loose or too tight, you're just inviting one of those conversations that'll make you want to pull your hair out.

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