Dating between different cultures

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Even nonverbal communication varies from culture to culture.

Take, for instance, the act of offering a hot drink to guests in your home.

So you’ve found your soul-mate and would gladly move across the world to be with them. You’ll probably still want to see them, and your partner theirs, as much as you can.

But paying airfare for yourself, your partner and any kids you may have even once a year can really add up, and possibly eat up all your vacation days. If the household’s primary earner is working outside of their home country, there may not be as many career options or opportunities for advancement, meaning the salary could be lower to begin with.

And you’re going to become a member of a family you hardly know and can’t communicate well with?

And you have almost no prospects for a career there?

To avoid this pitfall, it requires (you guessed it) communication and mutual understanding!If you decide to send your kids to an international school, that all adds up to a lifetime of financial struggles.You might hate to place importance on something like money, but it means security for you and your partner. It’s hard to negotiate with your bank book, but making a plan together can at least prepare you for the difficulties ahead.Studying a language can be fun and rewarding, but even people who reach a relatively high level of proficiency need a break.You can see how that could lead to resentment for the person bearing the burden of communication.

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