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Early scale types include: unequal arm balance, double beam, hanging equal arm balance, spring balance, permanent attached weights, countertop generic, hanging spring balance, hook balance, even balance, even balance with trip, dial front, lever, arrow point, pendulum... With each new invention or refinement of a scale, the older model became outdated.

USA was a late joiner, waiting till the profit factor was well documented.Look back to perhaps 1900, 1925, 1940, 1950 and remember.Germany is well noted for being the pioneer in this industry, specifically with candy containers but the whole industry as well. Germany remained the leader in Easter items for many years.New material, new math and new sciences brought cheaper, better, lighter, mass-produced scales to homes, industry, farms, groceries and every day life.- 1910 Grocers countertop, unequal arm balance, by Fairbanks, - 1908 Union Scale, countertop, single beam, 0 - Common family/at home scale, referred to as a family dial type, - - Family Scale, The Daisy, 11 x 8, - Common hanging spring balance, - - Egg Scale, Jiffy-Way, made in Owatonna MN, Patent 1940, 6x7, - - Egg Scale, Acme, made in St.

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