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What will you do to live your best, happiest and most satisfactory life and how will you get started?While you’re at it: We as a culture have a tendency to prioritize romantic or sexual relationships above all others.So instead of beating yourself up about your being the Last (Single) Man On Earth, you want to focus on what will make your life have a girlfriend?And let’s dispense with the knee-jerk response of “eat a bullet because what’s the point?This is one of the reasons why Reddit forums, Discord servers and gaming clans are all so popular; when we don’t have a community in person, we’ll find them where we can.One of the benefits of finding your community is that in doing so, you find purpose and something to commit to.

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find a partner, you’ll discover that your loneliness doesn’t magically disappear.

The skies will open and the beaming face of God will finally shine down on them and all of their wishes will come true.

They will have finally found validation and the world will respect them the way they they deserve. Yeah, there’s that part where life doesn’t work like that.

Marcus Aurelius famously said: “You could leave life right now.

Let that determine what you do, say, and think.” What this means, practically speaking, is that life is fleeting and waiting to do something – anything – runs the risk of never achieving it.

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