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Sociologists look at these groups by means of the sociological perspective.

This involves looking at a certain behavior like it has never been looked at it before.

This form of society is called patriarchal and is one of this biggest issues in American society today.

Patriarchy means that the country has a primarily male dominated society.

We look to each other for what a definition of things should be, as well.

[tags: Sociology] - Gender inequality refers to the inequality between men and women, or the unequal treatment or perception of a person based on his or her gender.

Social actions both individual and collective are constructed through a process in which actors note, assess, and interpret the situations confronting them....

[tags: Interactionism, Psychology] - Applications of Symbolic Interactionism Theory George Herbert Mead begins his discussion of symbolic interactionism (talking with others) by defining three core principles that deal with meaning, language, and thought.

[tags: Sociology Communication Essays] - Herbert Blumer's Symbolic Interactionism THE THEORY Symbolic Interactionism as thought of by Herbert Blumer, is the process of interaction in the formation of meanings for individuals. With this as his inspiration, Herbert Blumer outlined Symbolic Interactionism, a study of human group life and conduct....

[tags: Essays Papers] - Symbolic Interactionism On the surface, sociology is the study of society and human behavior; yet looking deeper, it is the study of humans in groups and how they interact with one another.

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