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And these soaring figures are set to surge still further in the decade ahead, as women, in particular, feel less inclined to put up with flagging relationships. In my own social circle, I've witnessed at least a dozen marriage breakdowns in the past two years - including the demise of my own relationship after 25 years.

In two instances among my acquaintances, the men, both in their early 60s, have departed to a much younger woman beckoning from a warm bed.

Between 19, divorce in England and Wales in the 45-plus age group rose by more than 30 per cent.Mostly, though, it's been the women who have instigated the separation and there has been no other person involved.And it's a pattern that's being repeated all over the country: 68 per cent of divorces are now initiated by wives.We met online and within a week we'd met under the guise of going for drinks - alcohol gave us both confidence and we ended up back at my house.'He didn't stay the night, but he did send an email the following day thanking me for a "fun evening".

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