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WELCOME to Bikes For Sale — our hand-picked collection of rare, classic, collectible, historically significant, or simply gorgeous bikes for sale in Western Australia. (The ‘H’ was for Hallman, you see.) Hallman started selling MX gear after he retired from racing, and his company grew into a business most of us now know as THOR — Torsten Hallman Original Racewear. The bike is original with the following exceptions. Norton folks will understand the ‘Dunstall’ reference, but for normal folks, Paul Dunstall was a British tuning wizard in the late 60’s and at one stage was considered a motorcycle manufacturer in his own right. I’m not sure what came over me, but I insisted on an introduction and a ride, even though her battery was flat. An amazing machine that has never skipped a beat and has been freshly detailed. Texts preferred as I am not always able to answer the phone. The ST was sold as the ‘Pan European’ in Europe and has legions of fans right around the world. Learn more about the company here and the Mille R here.

If you’re looking for a particular bike, use an old-fashioned word search: Hit to advance through the listings. A larger front brake disk and BMW caliper have been fitted to improve braking performance. A new battery and next minute we were flying through suburbia at half the speed of light, her deep voice singing the song of the hooligan. This bike will not disappoint with its amazing-sounding full Termignoni exhaust system (not slip-on) and mean looking curves. Contact Greg on 0488930641 EDITOR’S COMMENT: I love Ducati Panigales. This one of Greg’s looks like an excellent example of the breed, and k brings it into sane pricing territory. SELLER SAYS: I have wanted one of these Harley Davidson WLAs since I first saw one as a teenager over 45 years ago, then finally I had the opportunity to purchase this classic war time piece of history from Stew of American Restoration. SELLER SAYS: A show-winning 1988 GSXR1100J; last of the “slabsides”.

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Email [email protected] one good-quality photo, no more than 200 words about the bike, plus your contact details. I love this bike, the only reason to sell it is I can’t handle it now, even with the lowered seat. There really is no finer way to cover the miles of this magnificent country, than from the saddle of a Indian Roadmaster. The 111 motor in its stock form offers more than enough torque to get the bike wherever you want to go, at whatever pace. Contact Brent on 0402427484 EDITOR’S COMMENT: A blast from the past here, reaching right back near the dawn of big-bore two stroke motocrossers. I spoke with Lloyd about this lovely Ajay during the week. The tank has been professionally enamel coated on the inside. As she was my first love, I didn’t want to take her racing and bought another two. The time has come, however for us to have a conscious uncoupling. It would not require too much time and money to restore as the mechanicals are in such good order. But as this motor cycle is 75 years old it is not original and although the odometer shows 18, 413 miles, the actual milage is unknown. EDITOR’S COMMENT: Steeped in history for their role in World War II, it’s said that modern man’s infatuation with motorcycling evolved from the soldiers who returned home after seeing and riding WLAs during the war. Long list of restoration and improvements, including complete engine/gearbox strip and rebuild, new 38mm Mikuni Flat slide carbs with new pod filters, full Yoshimura 4-into-1 race exhaust, later GSXR1100 17″ rear wheel, 2006 GSXR600 front end, new Nitron race rear shock set up for 90kg rider, new tyres, etc.

We’ll come back to you with payment instructions (including a Pay Pal option). All bikes must be available for viewing in Western Australia and must be ‘something special’. In excess of ,000 spent, using parts from Yamiya. Last year, I upgraded the bike to the Stage 2 Indian cams, and hi-flow air filter, which really gives the motor a new lease of life and improves both the fuel economy and get up and go. EDITOR’S COMMENT: I took my wife for a three-day ride a month or so ago on an Indian Roadmaster down south, and had a ball. Yamaha’s YZ360 was outrageously big and outrageously fast — and still is. Ltd wore old Albert’s name but had Harry Stevens as managing director, George Stevens as commercial manager, Joe Stevens Junior as manager of the company’s R&D division, and Jack Stevens as production manager. He told me it looked magnificent, and that it goes as good as it looks. Spokes have been replaced with stainless steel spokes. She feels I have too many other bikes in my life and she is after someone with more fire in their riding. There are a few on the market at the moment; this looks like either a great starting point for a full restoration or an easy project to become a regular ride. There’s a good timeline on the official HD website; read it here. She has only covered 3200km since the rebuild (originally 79,000km) and I have changed the engine oil and filter every 500km.

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