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This is sufficient to “convince” them you know your stuff and to get you approved. ISLAMABAD, Sep 25 (SABAH): Former prime minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif returned to the country on Monday after 25 days.

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2) Reboot in recovery mode 3) Wipe system/data/cache/dalvik cache 4) Install the rom zip and reboot (don't install toggles Fix now) 5) Reboot,after the rom opens you will find the notifications panel buggy, reboot into recovery again and flash toggles 6)reboot and you're done.

-Android 5.0.1 -Baseband BOC5 -Prerooted -Debloated (optional) -deodexed -googy max 1.6a kernel -xposed framework installed -wanam xposed installed -private mode working tweaks -csc features Sub Symobils on keyboard shutter sound menu Msg Reminder no music pause while using camera call button enabled in call log contact max count=999 Extended Speed Dial to 100 extended name length to 1500 Enabled HD Voice During 3G Connection Enabled Sms Call back Number Sms Max Byte=999 Max Slide Count=999 Enabled Menu Remind Alert Enabled Scheduled Msg Box Enabled Reply All and more..

-themes chooser ,14 themes added -working camera during call -call record -s6 Sbrowser -s6 calculator -s6 keyboard -s6 weather -s6 file manager -smart manager added -5 ways reboot -n4 aircommand themer 40 themes -internet speed meter on statusbar -Enabled Call/Message block in settings -call recording enabled -image quality increased to 100% -video quality improved and increased recording time in UHD and FHD up to 30min -you can use camera and flash even if the battery is lower than 5% -300 fonts -fingersecurity app -floating messages added (toggle added) -Air gestures toggle added (air browse, Air Call-accept,air jump and Quick glance working) -multi users added in settings -Super SU v2.46 -Busybox 1.23.2 -viper4android FX added (Audio Website, IRS Starter Pack) -Call/SMS block -APM added you can customize your power menu and add sound mode toggles -Better Battery Life -and more features that you will discover all bugs fixed -s6 sounds but didn't remove note 4 rigntones,you can choose.

They might ask you a few simple questions like how did you find them, how do you drive traffic, what offers do you plan to run with them etc....

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