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No sites from this period are listed on the National Register, although the two mentioned above both meet National Register Criteria A and D. However, recent research by Clark in 'Aoa valley has revealed pottery in stratigraphic contexts dating as late as the 16th century (Clark & Michlovic 1996). 3 requires further definition in the study of Samoan prehistory before typical site types can be discussed.

Archaeological sites representing the early occupation of Samoa will be targeted for future National Register nominations. This might explain why there was an apparent "dark ages" in Samoan prehistory - pottery bearing sites were all assumed to date to the earliest period of Samoan prehistory and hence charcoal was often not collected from upper pottery bearing deposits for dating. One site type that was probably utilized during this period are the stone quarries.

The people who brought the Lapita Cultural Complex to the Samoan archipelago were seafarers who had occupied islands at least as far west as the Admiralties off the north shore of New Guinea.

No quarries have been identified in Manu'a, though researchers have looked.

This was done at the time of ratification and approval on June 2, 1967.

2d 26 (1988)A land use regulation may effect a constitutional taking if it fails to "substantially advance legitimate state interests" or "denies an owner economically viable use of his land.

Basalt from Tutuila has been found in Taumako, Tokelau, Fiji, Western Samoa, the Manu'a Islands (Best The quarries continued to be utilized into the early historic period, when iron tools introduced by Europeans began to replace the locally made stone tools.

1992) and the Cook Islands (Walter 1990; Kirch & Weisler pers. One of the significant stone tool type manufactured from basalt extracted from these quarries were adzes.

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