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After all if they go out on a date would they not be on each others favourite list. ] men get in a beef or have a bad date they want to settle it and be done with it.On the other hand and you have God's best creation ever and that is women.So I received a message on POF and a new link in red appeared where you can add a person to a Do Not Date List.I think this could be abused, but it's also needed in some cases as there are some people on the system who really shouldn't be but isn't that what the Report a Profile is for? Mind you have yet met a guy here, where I would use this feature for. lately everyday there's some sort of new kitchy thing on POF.I have to agree with most of the posts in this thread,but it always comes down to the same thing...Yes, SOME people will abuse it, but for the ladiesit may be a necessary evil...When you get a message from anyone on these lists there will be a warning displayed on top of the message. __________ Add to List Any idea what it actually DOES? I suppose it could be a useful feature, if you were able to indicate why the dude wasn't dateable (ie stalker, momma's boy, etc)I wanna hear if the guys have something like this tho... OE - who's to say the women would use this honestly? I think that the object is to weed out the truly undateable ones... not necessarily the ones that dumped a chick and so she has a hate-on for him...I wonder if it just adds them to your own personal list of who isn't a match, or if people will end up with some sort of rating based on who's decided they're "undateable"? I can see admin's goal, and it is thoughtful and I'm sure it's been initiated with the best of intentions, but like everything, it will likely get abused.

If you get a message from any random dude, but one of your friends has put him on a do-not-date alert, then you get a note in the message ~ but if none of your friends have had anything bad to say about him, then you won't know either way. Sexisism at its best, in the rules it says you cant exclude men/women from threads and such but here we have a feature ONLY for woman.Can a woman just look at a pic, or read some guys profile and make that decision and then add him to that list? Is there some sort of feature that would let the guy know he'd been placed on that list? If you're not going to let someone know that you (and your list of friends) think that so - and - so is a smuck; you're not giving that person the opportunity to (possibly) make changes. Why aren't the men allowed to share the same information about women with their "guy" friends???There certainly must be a fair number of women who would be considered "bad dates" as well, why can't the men on the site share that information too??

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