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L.1956."The radiocarbon method of age determination" American Antiquity 22, pp.1-11.

Uber die Anregung von Leuchtstoffen durch schnelle Korpuskularteilchen.

596 pp.[ A review of the impact of radiocarbon dating in a variety of disciplines.

Chapters on measurement methods, pretreatments, calibration and a historical perspective on the development of the technique.] Buy this Book at

Scott 1994 Making the most of radiocarbon dating: some statistical considerations.

Reporting of stable hydrogen, carbon and oxygen isotope abundances.

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry: Ultrasensitive analysis for global science.

Advances in Archaeological and Museum Science, volume 2.

Absolute age determination : physical and chemical dating methods and their application.

[ Detailed review of C14 with particular reference to Liquid Scintillation Counting.

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