Demi moore dating again back and forth dating

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Demi Moore is blasting the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of the 21-year-old man who drowned in her swimming pool after a booze-fueled party at her Beverly Hills home.

The actress is blaming the victim's own negligence for his death, claiming he was on her property illegally at the time of the accident, according to court documents obtained by Daily

The pair were seen together again leaving The Sayers Club in Hollywood on June 20, and were also spotted chatting at The Lot Party L. on July 14, where both Dead Sara and Rumer Willis performed. He also has an image of ’60s supermodel Twiggy with her hands covering her mouth on his left bicep and a colorful treble clef on his right side. “He is awesome,” a source close to Friday tells PEOPLE, adding that he is not a big partier.

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The majority of the guests left the party at one point but returned later to discover the male victim face down in the pool Law enforcement sources claimed the victim could not swim and tripped over something and fell into the pool while everyone was gone.

Valle's parents sued the trust that owned the property but left Demi out of it until recently., when they added her as a defendant.

On June 2, Demi headed to court firing back at the suit accusing her of contributing to the young man’s tragic death.

“Demi loves getting attention from young men," a source allegedly told Radar Online about the actress's relationships, adding, “It’s not like Demi hooks up with all of the young guys she hangs around.

And she’s into Will, but she likes having a handful on speed dial to drive her around and keep her company.” In January, Moore was said to be dating restaurateur Harry Morton.

Here are five things to know about Moore’s new beau. The group – which has toured with Muse – is best known for their song “Weatherman,” off their 2012 album .

Their next album is expected to be released by Epic Records this summer.

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