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Life had almost never been without grief and loss for the young man who would become our 16th president. By the time he was 20, he had also buried an aunt, uncle, sister, and a newborn brother.He never had a good relationship with his father, who rented out young Abe for odd jobs such as splitting logs and rails.But whether one regards his depression as situational, biological, or both, it's certain that he would face terrible challenges in both his personal and political life until his assassination in 1865.

Following an ugly breakup with cofounder Justin Mateen, Wolfe brought a sexual harassment suit against her former colleagues, accusing them of discrimination and stripping her of her cofounder title—claims Tinder called unfounded.In February 1860, he gave an address at Cooper Union in New York that by all accounts was a triumph - though not apparently to Lincoln."No man in all New York appeared that night more simple, more unassuming, more modest, more unpretentious, more conscious of his own defects," said Republican Charles Nott, who saw Lincoln as a "sad and lonely man."But far from a character issue and a political liability, many historians believe Lincoln's personal suffering helped make him the president who kept the union together.Like many single millennials, Ashley and Connor met cute the modern way: They matched on Bumble, the dating app where people swipe through potential partners but only women are allowed to initiate a conversation, and started texting.But when Ashley asked an innocent question about work, Connor launched into a misogynistic rant in which he called her a “gold-digging whore.” Bumble’s response, a fiery blog post now known as the “Dear Connor” letter, quickly went viral.

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