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Even when they work within an organization, ENTPs tend to behave like entrepreneurs; this may sometimes jeopardize their position or make their colleagues uncomfortable.

However, the ENTP isn’t the one to get scared easily and will do whatever needs to be done to feel as independent and free as possible.

Because they don’t particularly focus on grades, they might appear careless when it comes to assignments and tests, which may result in average performance.

Even if their grades are average or below average, ENTPs might be still very passionate about the subject matter.

Young ENTPs are particularly entrepreneurial and adventurous: Other online names include “The Visionary” (Truity) and “The Debater” (16Personalities).

When compared to four classical temperaments, ENTP is an equivalent of mixed Sanguine-Choleric type.

Bold, competitive, argumentative and witty, they are too much to handle for some men.

Unlike ISFJ men, ENTP women don’t feel they need to change their natural tendencies by becoming more like a traditional female stereotype.

Because of their broad way of thinking, they will usually present others with the big picture only, pointing others in the right direction but skipping on important details.

More than other types, ENTPs are likely to introduces new unconventional ways of doing things and know how to get their team excited about these changes.

They may have trouble to realistically evaluate the time required to meet their goals, yet they expect everyone to reflect their work pace.

Generally, ENTPs are great visionaries and innovative thinkers.

Unfortunately, some other types have a particularly hard time working under the ENTP’s leadership.

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