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The context of this post is comparing the two specifically for web development. Many developers want to know what are the benefits/shortcomings of both ecosystems and genuinely just want a clear answer. In many cases, yes you can just boil it down to a preference. What I absolutely love about PHP is its simplicity and relatively shallow learning curve.

From the popularity of the article via Google, it’s something that tens of thousands of people actually are asking. However, there are many strengths for both and it’s useful to be able to compare them in a level-headed fashion. When you first get into PHP, all you need is a single HTML web page. Throw in some inline PHP, run it on a PHP web server and off you go.

This leads people to use frameworks that force a particular coding standard.

The benefit of PHP’s simplicity and shallow learning curve is a really big thing going for it and this has business benefits too: it’s easier to find people who know PHP.

If you look around, Ruby on Rails developers are more expensive and harder to find.

The good developers who really know Ruby and Rails (the ) tend to be more hardcore devs. I find the docs for PHP far more useful than the ones for Ruby and the Rails Guides.

Since then, I’m now coding 80/20 Ruby on Rails and PHP, so I’ll give my thoughts on the two. What I’m mostly comparing is my experiences working with both ecosystems: PHP framework (there are many) vs Ruby Rails (the predominant framework).

Many of its inbuilt functions are specific to solving web problems and this makes it a very straightforward language to program for the web. if you want to send a header to the browser, just use the .

This is the case with one of our largest projects where we’re trying to upgrade a large app written in PHP4 code and it is horrific.

A lot of sloppy code there that we have to work with.

It’s unfortunate but is just one of the side effects of working with a language that has evolved rapidly.

One thing that drives us crazy at Ballistiq is going into projects where we have to upgrade or maintain applications written with old PHP.

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