Express star dating

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He also didn't expect the viral backlash he's received since posting the photos. I was just happy to have gotten a picture with her, but now there's all this drama and I'm not sure if it was worth posting," he said.

"I posted just for my friends to have a good laugh at the situation, not to stir social arguments." Still, the retweets, favorites and comments in support of Khalifa are pouring in.

Jared, known on Twitter as @Fourth Tiger Claw, is at the center of rebuke from the adult film actress' fans after he tweeted before and after photos of his encounter with her in Austin, at the Future concert on June 23 at the Austin360 Amphitheater at Circuit of The Americas.

One picture shows the 20-year-old at the side of an off-guard Khalifa.

She deserves to be in the final - she's up there with the best of them. The star also hit back at critics who claim pop stars have an advantage in regards their past dance experience.

She added: “It's quite a challenge for her as people assume that because she's come from a performing background she would find it easier, but she's learning all the time.”Despite her pal’s remarks, Mollie recently played down rumours that romance was on the cards for her and AJ, 22.

Jared told my that she was "ignoring everyone for the most part" at the concert.

Not even the long lines at Franklin Barbecue in Austin could keep President Barack Obama away.

On July 10, 2014, he made a stop there to purchase takeout for his travel party while on the final leg of his three-city trip before returning to Washington.

The pair’s sizzling chemistry was picked up last weekend when they took on the Salsa, with the both the stars thought to be single.

The 36-year-old singer has now said of the duo: “I know her and AJ are friends, but I don't know about the romance… ”The mother-of-two went on to discuss 30-year-old Mollie’s performances, following her score of 27 on Saturday.“Mollie's doing so brilliantly, I'm so proud of her.

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