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The Zodi™ Extreme™ SC Shower model includes a 10,000 BTU multi-purpose stove for heating the shower and is great for cooking.The Zodi™ Extreme™ Shower includes an on-tank shower pole holder and storage bag for extra convenience.

"Body Language" is atypical among Queen songs, being the sole single released by the band that does not include guitar (save for during the closing strains, which are made more prominent throughout the 1991 remix).The song also appeared in the 1984 documentary film Stripper, being performed to by one of the dancers."Action This Day", one of two Roger Taylor songs that appear on the album, was clearly influenced by the new wave movement/style current at the time; the track is driven by a pounding electronic drum machine in 2/4 time and features a saxophone solo, played by Italian session musician Dino Solera.The Zodi™ Extreme™ SC Shower is the best self-contained hot shower.Hot Space is the tenth studio album by the British rock band Queen.

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