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The F1 was the most popular, a ½-ton truck with a 6.5 foot bed, followed by the F2 (3/4-ton) and F3 (3/4-ton Heavy Duty).The design marked a departure from earlier trucks by having a one-piece windshield, integrated headlights, and smoother body panels.In 1978, the Bronco was redesigned and based on the F-series trucks, and was redesigned again in 1980 along with the other F-Series trucks.The Bronco largely followed the various redesigns of the F-Series until it was discontinued in 1997 in favor of the Expedition.The overall look was more integrated and the hood flowed into the front grill rather than just sitting on top of it.

An Eddie Bauer edition was added as a trim line, and the Custom base trim level was dropped after 1992, with the XL becoming he base trim line.

The Lightning Performance Truck was introduced in 1999 and contained a number of forward-looking features: 17-inch aluminum wheels, special handling features, and gas-charged shocks, and a 240-horsepower version of the 5.8 liter V8.

The Lightning was only offered in 2-wheel drive standard-cab versions.

In 1975 the popular F-150 was introduced, basically an F-100 with a heavier GVWR (6,200 pound maximum compared to the F-100's 5,700 pound maximum). The "Ranger" trim package was dropped in 1982 since that name was to be used on the upcoming smaller pickup, and in 1982 letter-based trim levels were being used: XL, XLS, and XLT Lariat.

By 1976 the F-Series became the best selling vehicle – not truck, vehicle -- in the United States which it has held ever since. This was also the first year that the blue oval Ford logo replaced the "FORD" letters on the hood.

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