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With all of the food consumption going on during...

[Read more] Being in a relationship with someone during your first holiday together can be both exciting, as well as filled with emotions and anxiety. [Read more] Meet Rachel and Jason who fell in love on the Tinder mobile dating app.

There’s one from Angel whose bottom is sticking out of bubble bath.

If Nancy gets stuck up a tree and thinks she can’t climb back down, I don’t run to save her, unless she really is in a life threatening situation.

She had foolishly forgotten she had added them as a friend a few months before.

I know we all spy on people these days but I still get freaked out on dates when the person knows my CV better than I do.

David did not have an Irresistible Profile, not even...

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My Fireman, Stripper and Carousel went without a hitch, I even managed a few Christina Aguilera’s but as I flicked my legs up into my favourite position, the one that always wows my friends, the one that you see in the picture, I got the fear, I told myself I was going to fall and fall I did, right on my head.

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We're here to critique your profile to help you catch his or her digital eye, teach you how to flirt on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, master the art of swiping right on Tinder and mobile dating apps, and help you decipher those cryptic text messages.

My favourite story of Internet outing was told to me by my mate Allen who found out a guy was pissing him around with the sale of his house by googling him.

After being told the guy could not complete (he was too busy mourning the death of his aunty) Allen found him in some online chat-room saying he was having a great day and about to head off to the pub for a few pints.

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