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The sequels may have gotten progressively gorier with their scares, but nothing compares to the fear sweats we received from the original.treatment —- a found footage film about individuals who develop strange abilities -— but there’s a horrific twist that makes it unique.It can be difficult to make your text messages come across exactly as you mean them to, and sarcasm or jokes are often lost in translation - leading to some awkward conversations.A new tool lets the social network to give your texts more feeling - so they won't be misconstrued.put a new spin on the found-footage format by telling a ghostly tale through computer screens.

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"On the one hand, they want to identify which content is most engaging and respond to audience’s reactions, on the other emotion-detection is technically difficult, not to mention a PR and ethical minefield," it wrote in a blogpost. Facebook appears to have tested out similar technology to work out which emoji to send to people using a selfie.If you're smiling, it could automatically send a smiley face and vice versa.Its most recent emotional patent - which was granted on 25 May this year - aims to tackle a dilemma many of us will have faced.Facebook said that it does not currently offer tools to detect emotion.If you want to check what Facebook sees and shares about you, check out its privacy policy here.

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