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I got a headache almost instantaneously, but refused to acknowledge that to her. I can smell fresh juicy in the opening then sensual vanilla orchid and close with mild woody musk scent which makes this fragrance so gorgeous.

I tried giving this one a few chances, but every time I did it was bad. It has strong sillage for first couple hours then sits close to the skin.

When she got me the 3.4 bottle for a surprise gift I was over the moon.

I took it to the restroom at work and immediately spritzed myself in what I thought was the best perfume I’d ever smelled.

That day in the drugstore, I got what I paid for with this juice: a bit of a sugar high that was delicious and then was gone. The notes are all blended and nothing here screams "here I am!! I see this is voted as mainly a Spring and Summer scent, and I agree, as this is quite light, not heavy nor overpowering, but I feel like the musk here takes this into early Fall, as well. This settles down to a really nice warm vanilla smell.

Love wearing this in the summer as it makes me feel really fresh & clean, this does last for about 6- 8 hours on me so I would say the longevity is very good. I've already reviewed nude but now that I have my own bottle of it, I can add some other points Rihanna nude was a love for a love at first sniff but after using my decant couple of times, I caught myself enjoying it very much and finally I came to the point that I really love this blend of creamy white florals and powdery vanilla while a hint of sweet fruits(pear and guava)whispers in background. I didn't remember it to be this soft and I used to apply it in smaller amounts!

I do like Nude by Rihanna, but not enough to purchase a bottle.

But there are people out there who aaaaaaaaabsolutely hate it.To give you an idea, I use it as body spray when I come out of the shower: I don't identify this as perfume at all, and liken it more to a body spray or hair mist that Bath and Body Works churns out. Rihanna cant seem to do any wrong with her fragrances!It sits close to the skin, and I do catch a whiff of it on my jacket, days later. Nude compared to Rebelle & Reb'l Fleur seems to be chilled & less 'out there' - when applying this it smells very fresh & powdery, like you've just stepped out of the shower on an exotic sunny beach.Their lack of sugary sweetness is what makes them in my personal opinion the standouts.The younger consumers are the least likely to enjoy this fragrance as they might find Ri Ri and Reb'l Fleur much more palatable.

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