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When father was her she use to wear nightwear's in the bedroom and till her bath in the morning. When father was in gulf she use to wear sari in night also. After father's back to gulf she use to wear sari all the time.

And keep on made pressure to push in and with my 6th jerk it went inside fully. She too was confused how to start this and the time came we were in the same bed.

Come on suck my bib boobs which have feeded u 15 years back. In that night we slept at 4 by the time we had 1 more section again. Morning at 9 I waked by her still she was naked brought a cup of coffee.

I removed her bra and sucked her big boob with one had pressing one other in my mouth this continued for 15 min. She thanked me and said this type of sex was enjoyed by her when they were newly married couples.

Then she asked u might have also thought of fucking. And she slowly asked me are u going to suck or fuck me first I said that I will fuck first and suck afterwards.

So I removed her undergarments and now was in her bra.

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