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Companies like Argos, CNN and the BBC are already using the platform, and more bots are yet to come.Using CNN as an example, you can send its chatbot topical words and it'll reply back with relevant news stories. Just like Facebook, it has developed a bot platform into its main IM service. While they're built straight into Facebook Messenger, you have to physically download them on to the Telegram app. Once you get the Telegram app on your i Phone and sign up using your mobile number, you can think about adding bots. The website is essentially a catalogue full of bots. The major online bot communities today include: Project: Pandorabots URL: Principal: Dr. If you know of a project or company that should be listed here but isn't, please send a message to [email protected] So we expect the chat bot communities to continue their rapid growth. Wallace Remark: 200 members, 500 developers, 250000 downloads Community: Run ABot URL: Principal: Dave De Vitry Remark: 100000 botmasters Community: AI-Buddy URL: Principal: Unknown Remark: 5100 members Community: Zabaware URL: Principal: Robert Medeksza, President Remark: 200000 downloads Community: Personality Forge URL: Principal: Benji Adams Remark: 2500 members Community: Robitron URL: Principal: David Hamill Remark: Watering Hole for Loebner Prize winners, contestants, organizers, fans and Hugh Loebner Last update: 11/31/04 The chat robot industry survey is a work in progress and remains incomplete.

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Send it any word, and it'll find you a relevant gif.

ESL Books Film and TV Recent Press Popular Culture Web Ontologies ALICE and A. History Scholarly Research and Teaching News Articles News Archive AI Foundation Forum Consulting and Training ALICE Brain Picture Gallery AIML Bots AIML Spinoffs The A. Foundation presents this overview of the chat robot industry as a unique service sponsored by our members. Many of the people involved in the bot communities are youth and students.

Foundation Bot Directory Bot Industry Survey AIML Overview Downloads Bot Hosting AIML Sets AIML 1.1 Specification AIML 2.0 Working Draft Documentation Superbot - New! The most important feature of these communities is the emergence of an eco-system for trade and business between the multitude of developers and users of these bot systems.

There are loads of adverts, but it's free to download.

You can ask it anything, and it'll come back to you with an answer in a matter of seconds.

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