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But I was really introduced to the whole bartending overseas thing when I met my best friend at university.She had a house on the Algarve in Portugal and we went out there during the holidays.It’s best to be paid hourly because if you don’t get many people in, you’re going home empty handed.You do get paid in alcohol though, so you basically get a free night out.At that time I just really wanted to travel and just have a good time, so I partied in Portugal for a summer, came home to the UK, then saved up for a backpacking trip to Australia and New Zealand.

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I stayed for 7 months doing that to supplement the income from my fairly new travel blog.

I was also submitting travel articles to online magazines and started my own blog, Pommie Travels.

Sadly I had a scooter accident and that put the dampener on things, so I eventually decided to give the whole bartending thing a try in Europe.

I moved to Bali and attempted a few different jobs, including a job as a personal assistant to a fashion designer and a job teaching English online.

They weren’t for me, but I ended up with an awesome traveling job making promotional videos for this well-known beach bar called Ku De Ta.

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